Updates to Mass Times and Attendance

Updates to Mass Times and Attendance

From Monday the 1st of June 50 people will be able to attend Mass, in response to which we have decided to do the following.

We will no longer be asking people to ring the parish office to register for Mass as that is now impractical.

There will be two extra weekend Masses starting on the weekend of the 6th-7th of June. One at 7pm on Saturday and the other at 12 noon on Sunday. Which will make the weekend Mass schedule the following:

  • Saturday Vigil: 6 pm and 7pm
  • Sunday: 7:30 am, 9 am, 10:30 am, 12 noon and 6 pm

Each Mass will be limited to 50 people. This will not cover everyone that may want to attend Mass, so we ask people to continue to be patient and understanding during this time.

We are still required to keep records of who attends in case anyone is infected. We will ask people register their attendance as they arrive.

For weekday Masses, we would encourage people to attend the evening Mass if possible as this is the one that is less attended and has more places free.

The last live streamed Mass will be 6pm on Sunday the 1st of June.

Please help us spread the word of these changes.

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