Parish Youth Groups and Activities

Due to COVID-19 we have not been able to have many of our normal parish activities, particularly our youth groups for this past year.  So I would like to draw particular attention to their announcements in this weeks bulletin.   They are as follows:

Pauline Junior

Our youth group for Primary School Students. It meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month starting at 5:15pm ending just before the evening mass.

Next Meeting: 12th March: will include a short talk about a saint, and bible based activities.

Pauline Teen

Our youth group for High School Students. It meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month after 7pm evening Mass. All welcome.

Next Meeting: 12th March: Ice breaker & Talk by Fr. Joseph Maria on Lent and Easter.

Young Adults Youth Group

A new youth group for young adults aged 18-30.  The first meeting will be on Friday 19th of March after the 7pm Mass, everyone most welcome to come and form this new youth group in our Parish.  It will then meet every 1st and 3rd Friday of the Month.

Altar Boy’s Practice

Saturday 13th of March at 12 noon.  All welcome from ages 8 and up.  Please see Fr. Joseph Maria for any further information.

Children’s Rosary Night In Our Parish

St Margaret Mary’s is holding a children’s Rosary night every Wednesday at 6:00pm . It’s a great opportunity for the children to come together, pray the rosary and offer their intentions.

God Bless
Fr. Joseph Maria

LENT 2021



FRIDAY – FOLLOWING 7pm Evening Mass


             Rosary – 6.:30pm

             Holy Mass-7:00pm

             Stations of the Cross -7:30pm following 7pm Mass


FOLLOWING ALL MORNING MASS (excluding Wednesday)

During the period of Lent, all are invited to join in our special Lenten devotions after the morning Mass. We will be reciting the chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Christ.    


Ash Wednesday – 17 February 2021

Day of Fast and Abstinence

 09:00am   – Parish Mass

12:00pm   – Parish Mass

07:00pm   – Parish Mass

 Fasting: 1 main meal, 2 light snacks to be observed by those who have completed their eighteenth year, until the beginning of their sixtieth year.

Abstinence: from meat products & sweet treats to be observed by those who have completed their fourteenth year.

Why do Catholics have their foreheads marked with a cross on Ash Wednesday? Because in the Bible a mark on the forehead is a symbol of a person’s ownership. By having their foreheads marked with the Sign of a Cross, this symbolizes that the person belongs to Jesus Christ, Who died on a Cross. This is in imitation of the spiritual mark or seal that is put on a Christian in baptism, when he is delivered from slavery to sin and the devil, and made a servant of righteousness and Christ.


SCAM Alert: Scam text message

Someone claiming to be the Parish Priest is messaging people on WhatsApp asking them to text back and requesting they send funds and gift vouchers to them. The number of parishes caught up in this scam has increased and is becoming more widespread within the Diocese. We reiterate that one of the numbers used for the text messages is 0488 875 092.  THIS IS A FALSE ACCOUNT. Please DO NOT respond to the text messages received from this number but call or contact the Parish Office or Priest instead to verify the sender of the messages as well as report the incident.

For those who are affected, the Diocesan IT team have informed us that all your online identities / accounts such as email, social media, bank accounts and services may also be compromised. All accounts should have their passwords changed. We also recommend that any information you have about yourself in online profiles (date of birth, location, age, address, phone numbers) be removed to make it less accessible for unauthorised use.

This issue has been raised by the Diocese of Parramatta with Parramatta Police on behalf of the affected parishes so that our local police can escalate this matter to the NSW Police cybercrime unit.