Sacramental Program Update


The dates for the First Reconciliation ceremonies will be Monday 20th of July and Wednesday 22nd of July. On the night parents are encourage to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation after all the children.

I also remind parents that classes will continue during the school holidays.

Holy Communion

Enrolments for First Holy Communion are now open, and all the dates have been set, see the Sacramental Program page for all the details.

Mass Numbers Easing of Restrictions

The current situation with regards to the limits of numbers at Mass is that we are limited by social distancing norms. So the total number is limited by the 4 square meter rule, and no one is allowed to get closer then 1.5 meters to people they do not live with.  We ask for everyone’s full cooperation in this matter.

Furthermore with the increase in numbers, the extra mass at 7pm on Saturday will be cancelled next week (4th of July will be the last 7pm Saturday Mass). The 12noon Mass on Sunday will remain.

COVID19 Restrictions

The Parish of St. Margaret Mary will be enforcing the regulations as instituted by the NSW government on the back of COVID-19 in relation to mass attendance numbers.

There are heavy penalties involved for both the parish and everyone attending in the event of non-compliance.

The direction from the Diocese of Parramatta has been, due to COVID 19, only Communion on the hand is allowed at this time.

The Parish will not be able to accommodate any exceptions to the above.

Sacrament of Reconciliation Enrolments

A reminder that this Friday is the last day for Enrolments in the sacramental program.  All details needed are at the sacramental program page.

This weekend all the children are invited to one of the Sunday Masses to say the enrolment prayer as a spiritual start to the program.

Children will need to bring basic drawing materials to the sessions/classes to do the activities in the books that will be provided.

Sacrament of Reconciliation Enrolment Prayer

On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June, children and parents are invited to come to one of the parish’s Sunday Masses.  At the end of Mass they will be invited forward to say the Enrolment Prayer (PDF below) as a spiritual beginning to the child’s formation in the sacrament.  We look forward to seeing all the children that have enrolled in the program there.

Reconciliation Enrolment Prayer (PDF)